Jarosław Kundera

Professor of the University of Wroclaw, Jean Monnet Chair, member of workinggroup on the Agenda 2000, expert of Directorate General for Economicand Financial Affairs (DG ECFIN) European Commission, coordinator of Tempus program on European Studies. Curriculum Development, coordinator of post-diploma French study – Public policy in Europe (DESS), member of Committee of National Research (KBN) in Warsaw, coordinator of Tempus program Euro-Regio-Center, Director of theInstitute of Economics of the University of Wroclaw, adviser for Structural Funds in two operational programs: Trans frontier cooperation between Poland and the Czech Republic and Regional Operational program for Lower Silesian Voievodship (education infrastructure), chief of group of researchers under the J. Monnetprogram: The Political Economy of the EMU, and the program: Initiative and Constrain in the Mapping of Evolving European Borders.

Researchs pecialization:

Internationalrelations and European integration. European single market,Structural Funds of the EU, monetary integration. Author of 11 booksand 90 reports and articles on the problems of internationaleconomics.


Lectureson economics of the European integration for foreign students in theMaster program: Managerial Economics, lectures on the elements ofmacro and micro economics for the students of Faculty of Law,Administration and Economics, lectures on the Structural Funds andfinancing methods of European projects for the students ofAdministration at the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics.Seminars for the students of the University of Wroclaw onInternational Economics.